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Franchisee Reviews

Date Of Review: 10/26/2009

Location: Oak Park-Chicago Sarpino's

I love Sarpino's Franchise.

Date Of Review: 6/25/2009

Location: Sarpino’s Pizzeria in Naperville, IL

We just wanted to say thanks to Ivan for all his help in hotels key cards ordering and for all very useful advises.

Date Of Review: 4/19/2009

Location: Sarpino’s Pizzeria in Downers Grove, IL

We have negative review on our store page. Is it the way to advertise by posting negative reviews at official stores page?

Sarpino's Franchise review policy

We receive positive and negative feedback from our franchisees that we will publish on our web site with the franchisee permission for everyone to review.  We always work to resolve any negative feedback to franchisee's satisfaction.  If successful we will remove the negative feedback from our web site, but we continue to show it in our number totals for all reviews. 

Reviews Summary:

  • Positive reviews: 8
  • Negative resolved reviews: 6
  • Negative unresolved reviews: 0
  • Total customer reviews: 14

Date of Review: 1/25/2010

Store: Humble Sarpino's

Good experience

Whenever I email or call they always respond immediatly and help me solve my promblems

Date of Review: 3/8/2010

Store: Oak Park-Chicago Sarpino's

Good experience

Sarpino's Franchise is the Best!!! Always support and help to operate bussiness successfully.

Date of Review: 11/23/2011

Store: Roseville-New Brighton Sarpino's

Good experience

Dmitry - Thank you for resolving the glitch in the system for reviews this morning so quickly. Chris Roseville Sarpinos

Date of Review: 3/5/2012

Store: Chicago - Downtown - West Loop Sarpino's

Good experience


Date of Review: 3/5/2012

Store: Sarpino’s Pizzeria in Downers Grove, IL

Good experience

testing too

Date of Review: 8/22/2012

Store: Sarpino’s Pizzeria in Naperville, IL

Good experience

I wish to express my gratitude for the quick response time in supporting my Naperville operation. Your expertise and generosity has saved me years of frustration. Thanks Dmitry Chatkin , Dmitry Shapiro, Kazys, and Vasilli. Please send any prospective franchisee's my way so that I can share with them my positive experiences with you all. Again thank you for the endless hours of support you all have given my operation. I chose correctly when I chose Sarpino's. Greg Prizant Naperville Sarpino's.