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Minimum Requirements

  • Desire to change your life and create an income, lifestyle, wealth, and equity for you and your family
  • Ability to follow proven systems that will lead you to success
  • Respect and appreciation for the customers
  • Liquid assets of at least $100K
  • Ability to finance the Sarpino’s Pizzeria opening

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What would it cost me to open a Sarpino’s restaurant?

    Minimum initial investment is $306,000. It includes, among other things, initial franchise fee, leasehold improvements (construction), equipment purchase and operating capital for initial months of operation. Detailed estimate of initial investment can be found in Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD).

  • Does Sarpino’s offer start-up financing assistance to franchisees?

    Although Sarpino’s USA does not offer any direct or indirect financing, lease, or obligations to franchisees, our franchise is registered with the U.S. Small Business Administration, and we can assist you in applying for SBA guaranteed financing.

  • Is there a fee to apply for a Sarpino’s franchise, and if so, how much is it?

    There is no fee to inquire about this incredible opportunity and apply for a Sarpino’s Franchise. There is no obligation between the parties until the Restaurant Franchise Agreement is signed. It’s just the way we do business.

  • What ongoing fees must be paid to maintain the franchise?

    The primary fees are the monthly royalty (6% of monthly gross sales) and the advertising and marketing fee (2% of monthly gross sales). The full schedule of franchisee fees can be found in the current Sarpino’s USA Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD).

  • What is the FDD?

    The Franchise Disclosure Document explains all the points of the franchise relationship. It provides valuable information about our company and Sarpino’s franchise opportunity.

  • What supplies or inventory must I purchase from Sarpino’s?

    In order to ensure consistent quality and service, Sarpino’s USA franchisees are required to buy their supplies or inventory from approved suppliers and the items they purchase must meet our specifications. We are always looking for new suppliers of high-quality items to use in our business. Sarpino's USA does not earn a profit from the sale of supplies and inventory to our franchisees and any commissions or incentives received from the suppliers are passed directly to the franchisees.

  • How much money can I expect to make with a Sarpino’s franchise?

    We recommend that prospective franchisees assess this issue by talking to as many existing franchisees as possible during our franchise-awarding process, that way you receive accurate information and insight rather than just vague averages.

  • What kind of experience (and how much) do I need to succeed as a Sarpino’s franchisee?

    Although a background in restaurant (especially pizzeria) management or service might help, the primary attributes we seek in franchisee candidates are the desire to succeed, strong work ethic, attention to detail, and an eagerness to learn and follow the Sarpino’s USA business system.

  • Do I get to choose the location for my Sarpino’s restaurant?

    We’re growing fast and want to be sure all our franchisees have room to grow and succeed. As a franchisee your site selections for your Sarpino’s restaurants is subject to review and written approval of Sarpino’s USA. To meet our franchise design and standards your leased or purchased space must be constructed and equipped in compliance with our specifications. For a leased space your lease agreement must include certain clauses which are specified in your Restaurant Franchise Agreement.

  • How long will it take to open my Sarpino’s restaurant?

    Once the franchisee’s preferred location is approved by Sarpino’s USA and the franchisee signs a lease for the space, the franchisee must apply for construction permits. This permit process (and the time it takes) varies from city to city, but it is required before leasehold improvements can begin. In most cases Sarpino’s USA restaurants open 2-4 months after the leasehold improvements begin.

  • Will I be assigned a "protected territory"?

    Franchisees receive an exclusive territory meaning that Sarpino's will not allow any new franchisees to open new locations within that exclusive area. The exact size and boundaries of each store's protected territory vary from area to area so the specifics of each protected territory will be determined in Attachment A of the Restaurant Franchise Agreement.

  • What kind of training can I expect from Sarpino’s USA?

    You can expect the best training from Sarpino's USA. It includes three weeks of on-the-job training in our training center, one week of classroom training in the Chicago area, and one month of opening assistance with an on-site team at your Sarpino’s restaurant. We will help you to create a business plan for your store during training. Your business plan is your roadmap, it will show you how the restaurant will achieve the goals set for its success.

  • What kind of post-opening support will I get from Sarpino's USA?

    After the restaurant opens we help you with the execution of the business plan, analyze the results, identify any corrective actions needed, and help you implement them. We are there for you from the beginning and we will continue to offer our support throughout the duration of our business partnership.

  • How much must I personally work in the business?

    If you are an individual owner-franchisee (that is not a corporation, limited liability company, or other type of business entity) we require that you personally supervise the franchised business on the premises. If you are a corporation, limited liability company, or other type of business entity you will need to appoint a manager. Your manager doesn't need to own an equity interest in the franchise, but he/she must sign our non-competition and confidentiality agreements.

  • I want to become a Sarpino's Pizzeria franchisee! Where do I begin?

    If you're ready to take the next step toward becoming a Sarpino’s franchisee, email us at, or fill out Request for Information Form now to get further details about this exciting business opportunity.